2023 Specialty Camps

Mountain Biking Camp - $300/week

Enrollment is open. 

This year we are offering two sessions of Mountain Biking Camp. Though our "beginner" and "intermediate" groups are roughly divided by age, the emphasis is much more on riding ability. In order for your child, and the group as a whole, to be most successful, it is important that they join the group that best fits their capabilities. Please read the descriptions below to decide where your child's skills best align, and don't hesitate to call if you'd like to discuss further (802-463-4769)

  • Beginner Mountain Biking - ages 9 - 12: July 10 - 14
    • Riders at this level should be able to start, stop, turn, and pedal up small hills on their own and in a controlled way. The goal in this group is to improve these skills and get the riders acquainted with riding on trails, practicing on mostly flat or low-grade terrain with some roots, rocks, and hills. 
  • Intermediate Mountain Biking - ages 10 - 14: 7/17 - 7/21
    • ​Riders at this level should be comfortable riding on rolling/hilly terrain with some roots and rocks. The primary focus in this group is to improve fitness and technical skills, working up to a full day on the Ascutney Trails.

Adventure Sampler - $300/week (look for the enrollment form for Adventure Sampler soon.) 

  • Adventure Sampler - ages 12-15: July 31 - August 4
    • A week of camping, backpacking, boating and other adventure activities. This is an overnight camp that will take place on and off site. More details here soon.