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As a private, charitable, non-profit organization, Meeting Waters YMCA depends on a variety of funding sources, including donations of services and money.

Our Board of Directors conducts two financial development campaigns each year--our Reach Out to Youth Campaign in the spring and our Community Support Campaign each fall.

The remainder of our funding comes from a combination of donations of services, grants, fees-for-services and state Child Care Financial Assistance which we accept on parents' behalf.

As at all YMCAs, no one is ever denied access to a Meeting Waters YMCA program for lack of ability to pay the program fees. In fact, in fiscal year 2017, 46% of our program participants and their families received a total of more than $250,000 in financial assistance and subsidized services!


We encourage you to check out our "ROI: Reporting Our Impacts" page to see how we are translating charitable investments into lasting social change.

To lend your support to providing access for all to our quality, impactful services, visit our "SUPPORT OUR MISSION" page.