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These are words we are seeing a lot these days to describe our collective struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Now, imagine being a child at this unprecedented, extraordinary and challenging time. Without much forewarning, you could no longer see your friends each day at school. You were no longer interacting directly with caring, supportive adults other than your parents. Your learning became far less hands-on and group projects, where you develop 21st century skills, came to a halt.


For the 57th consecutive summer, MWYMCA’s summer camp program will bring youth together from dozens of communities to develop friendships, skills and memories. Of course, camp will look a little different this year to maintain physical distancing and adhere to other safety protocols. Most importantly, Meeting Waters YMCA’s Day Camp will be there to help children regain some normalcy in their life.


The changes we have made come at a significant cost—not only in additional staff and safety materials but also in lost revenues. Our three largest expenses remain the same—staffing, bus service from towns throughout VT and NH, and pool and facility maintenance (including the electricity to run the pool pumps and filters)—while our revenues will drop by 50% due to limiting enrollment to half of our capacity.


At the same time, more families than ever are experiencing financial challenges due to lost jobs or reduced hours. The need for financial assistance to support families of children and teens is GREAT.


The YMCA movement is about community. Most often, we talk to you about our service to community. Once a year we reach out to the people of those communities with a request to help us support those who need our collective assistance to access Meeting Waters YMCA enriching, safe and fun youth development programs. While our immediate focus right now is making sure all youth who would like to can attend our Y Day Camp, in August, many parents will need us again for help accessing our Y-ASPIRE after-school program.


"I rely on Meeting Waters YMCA's year-round out-of-school programs, Y-ASPIRE and Y Day Camp. These programs allow me to work and provide for my granddaughter who I am raising. She is so excited about summer camp. She has missed her Y friends, the caring staff, and the fun programs." ~ L.M.


In summary, parents’ needs for our Financial Assistance are greater than ever. At the same time, our ability to provide that assistance is compromised because of our increased expenses and decreased revenues (program fees and state childcare financial assistance).


Please consider a donation to our Reach Out to Youth Fund so that—even in these unprecedented, extraordinary, and challenging times—we can, in turn, continue our promise that all children can access our quality programs.



Damian Wilson                                  Susan Fortier, MS

Board Chair                                       Executive Director

Meeting Waters YMCA is a 501-c-3 non-profit, charitable organization governed by local volunteers. Your contribution is tax-deductible and every penny of your donation benefits local youth and families.

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